Osram Compact Fluorescent Lamp 7W 2 Pin Daylight

Osram Compact Fluorescent Lamp 7W 2 Pin Daylight

Brands: OSRAM
SKU: 103002

AED 11.00

PL Lamp Dulux S Warm White
High performance on a small scale. Compact bulb type PL.
Common lamp dimensions for shallow niche luminaires.
Distribution of the symmetrical luminous intensity, like normal ordinary lamps.
Long intervals for lamp replacement, considering its service life eight times longer than ordinary lamps with the same brightness.
Single-ended pin base, integrated starter and capacitor for radio wave interference suppression.

OSRAM DULUX S is ideal for miniaturized luminaires and downlights with shallow niches. Provides twice the luminous flux of OSRAM DULUX S, although both have the same length. Lamps consume only 1/5 to 1/4 of the electricity of ordinary incandescent bulbs with the same brightness and give off a warm and pleasant light as well as excellent color reproduction. White like kitchens, bathrooms and commercial environments.

 Power: 7W
Base: G23-1U-2 Pins-
Color Tone: Cold White
Color: - 4.000k