Delivery Policy

  • Shipping Procedures
    At Homesmiths, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and this is why we take the utmost care to deliver your products straight to you as safely as and fast as possible. As soon as Goods are shipped to the customer Homesmiths monitors your order until you have received the order.
  • Shipping Rates
    We have a one off shipping fee of AED 30 on all orders. However, if your order exceeds AED 3,000, you do not have to pay shipping charges!
  • Order Tracking
    Homesmiths has a delivery time of approximately 2 days* for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep from our warehouse, and will soon offer express delivery options. You may view all updates to your order status as well as your package’s location at any time from your account page. For any further assistance on your order status, you can email or contact Homesmiths support at any time.
    1, Maximum 2 working days- if we have stock
    2, Maximum 10 working days-if item is unavailable in stock
    3, However, sometimes the availability of your order is beyond our control. In such case we will be in touch with you at all times to provide a possible alternative in least amount of time.
  • Availability
    Stock and Availability shown on this site is for your reference only. While we strive to provide the most accurate and timely stock and availability information, availability information may become out of date and may change between the time you added an item to cart and the time your order is processed.
  • Backorders
    For certain orders (in terms of size or value), Homesmiths may request a backorder of the purchase to the client. Backorders can have the lead time increase to a maximum of a 45 days from the date of purchase. A backorder will be notified to the customer as soon as the order has gone through.
    Note: We will not be charging for any backorders until the customer has been notified and has accepted the delivery time for the placed order.
  • Handling and Delivery
    All our goods are inspected at various points, which are then packed and handed over to our appointed delivery agent in the UAE. Goods that are found defective will be notified to the customer and a new order will be placed. If any physical damage is found in the packaging upon delivery, please notify the deliverer immediately and you may return the package immediately.

For more information on our shipping policy, check ‘Terms & Conditions’ or simply contact us via email or live support